Not A Silent Attitude
Acrylic 2022 Size 210x190 cm
Copyright ©Vhilo

Love Train 2022 Acrylic Size 130x270 cm
Copyright ©Vhilo

Shine Acrylic 2020-2021 Size 185x283 cm Copyright ©Vhilo

The Devils Juice
Acrylic 2021 Size 100x140 cm Copyright ©Vhilo

Remember The Smiles Acrylic 2021 Size 130x180 cm Copyright ©Vhilo

344 is some of the drawings I made 2021
Copyright ©Vhilo

The Cuckoo's Nest Acrylic 2020 Size 130x130 cm Copyright ©Vhilo

Another Kind Of Angels
Acrylic 2020 Size 130x100 cm
Copyright ©Vhilo

The Smiling Bull Acrylic 2020-2021 Size 210x130 cm Copyright ©Vhilo

One foot singing do de lo The Mind Is Tripping Hearts is beating Acrylic 2019-2020 Size 200x160 cm Copyright ©Vhilo

Things That Hit My Head
Acrylic 2018 Size 150x200 cm
Copyright ©Vhilo

Pop Music
Acrylic 2019 Size 100x130 cm

Animal House
Acrylic 2017 Size 145x145 cm
Copyright ©Vhilo

Acrylic 2017 Size 116x72 cm
Copyright ©Vhilo

Wings Of Passion
Acrylic 2015-2016 Size 150x160cm
Copyright ©Vhilo