Social Bandits (Words Of Wisdom) 2014 Mix Media Size.56x71cm Copyright ©Vhilo

Six Red Bandits Adventure Postcard Acrylic 2014 Copyright ©Vhilo

God Dammit V You Put Me In The Wrong Painting. Acrylic 2014 On Board 22x27cm Copyright ©Vhilo

Dont Be Afraid. Acrylic 2014 On Cardboard. Size 42x59cm Copyright ©Vhilo

World Problems (Dont Repeat History) Six small works Mix Media 2014 Copyright ©Vhilo

More Than Meets The Eye Mix Media 2014 On CardBoard Size 34x64cm Copyright ©Vhilo

The Usual Suspects Acrylic On Board 2014 Size.27x22cm Copyright ©Vhilo

Operation F.A.R.T Acrylic 2014 On Board Size 24x33cm Copyright ©Vhilo

Brown Pants Mix Media On Paper 2014 Sixe 140x227 cm Copyright ©Vhilo

Five Point Eight Mix Media 2014 Size 24x19 cm Copyright ©Vhilo

A Screw Loose. Mix Media 2014 Copyright ©Vhilo

The Easter Bandit. Drawing 2014 Size 34x25 cm Copyright ©Vhilo

Two Sides Of The Same Thing Acrylic 2014 Size 2x 19x24cm On Wood Board Copyright ©Vhilo

A Life To Die For. Acrylic On Wood Board 2014 Size 33x24 cm 1 A Life To Die For.Acrylic On Wood Board 2014 Size 33x24 cm

Round 13 Mix Media Work 2012-2014 Size 39x67 cm Copyright ©Vhilo

A Pig A Frog And A Goat. Aquarelle and Acrylic 2014. 3 works Size9x12 Inch Copyright ©Vhilo

The Red Tooth. Acrylic 2014 Size.29x28cm Copyright ©Vhilo

A Few Stitches. Acrylic 2014 On A Wooden Lamp.Size.32x51 cm Copyright ©Vhilo

46 works on 300 grams paper Aquarelle and Acrylic Size 12x9 Inch Copyright ©Vhilo

I Dont Love You Anymore.Mix Media on old tabeltop 2014 Size 78x116 cm Copyright ©Vhilo

Imagine What Size 140x300 cm Acrylic on paper 2014 Copyright ©Vhilo

Sitting Duck 3D Work 2014 Size Around 46x58x46 cm Copyright ©Vhilo

Nothing Fancy. Acrylic 2014 Size 34x13x19 Copyright ©Vhilo

The Butter Knife Acrylic 2014 Size.31x8cm Knife Size.18x2 cm Copyright ©Vhilo

Think Twice. Acrylic 2014 3D Work Size 22x27x8cm Copyright ©Vhilo

For Safe Keeping Acrylic 2014 3D Work Box Size.24x12 cm Copyright ©Vhilo

Red Devil Acrylic 2014 3D work.Size 47x33 cm the parts that are the biggest Copyright ©Vhilo