Its Not Human Acrylic 2014 Size 116x89 cm Copyright ©Vhilo

Wrong Gene Acrylic 2014 Size.50x70cm Copyright ©Vhilo

The Act Of Sneaking. Acrylic 2014 Size.80x100 cm *V* Copyright ©Vhilo

Danger Zone Acrylic 2014 Size.46x55cm Copyright ©Vhilo

Days Of No Trust (In The Background) Acrylic 2014 Size 60x92cm Copyright ©Vhilo

Two Sinners And One Censored. Acrylic 2014 Size 18x24 cm *V* Copyright ©Vhilo

The Suspicious Face. Acrylic 2014 Size 40x50cm Copyright ©Vhilo

Freeze (No Thank You) Acrylic 2013-2014 Size 89x116 cm Copyright ©Vhilo

Wild At Heart Acrylic 2014 Size 89x116 cm Copyright ©Vhilo

Shes So Hot They Call Her Fahrenheit.Acrylic 2014 Size 89x116 cm Copyright ©Vhilo

The Knight Acrylic 2014 Size 116x89 Cm Copyright ©Vhilo

The Smile Of Nanu Nanu.Acrylic 2014 Size.73x92cm Copyright ©Vhilo

LipGloss And Godzilla Acrylic 2014 Size 100x120cm Copyright ©Vhilo

Never Ending Story. Acrylic 2014 Size.204x163 cm 80x63 Inch Copyright ©Vhilo

Sugar And Salt. Acrylic 2014 Size.100x120 cm Copyright ©Vhilo

If you are interested in my art and want to purchase some of my paintings.
Contact me,for info and price,paintings here 2014 is available,except works markd with *V* under the titel.