Love Is Mix Media 2016 Size.18x23 cm Copyright ©Vhilo

From Trash To Queen Acrylic 2016 On Found Ceramic Sculpture Size 18x49cm Copyright ©Vhilo

Love Moose Wooden Sculpture 2016 Size 34x28cm Copyright ©Vhilo

Paradise Heart (Everybody Looking For Something) 2016 Wooden Heart And Arrow Size 28x45 cm Copyright ©Vhilo

Scary And Happy Acrylic 2016 On Cardboard Size 15x18cm Copyright ©Vhilo

Super Trooper Drawing 2016 Size 42,5x33cm Copyright ©Vhilo

New Age Girl Drawing 2016 Size 39,5x52 cm Copyright ©Vhilo

All You Need 2016 Drawing On Paper Box Copyright ©Vhilo

SweetMouth MixMedia 2016 Size 33x85cm Copyright ©Vhilo

The Green Appel 2016 Painted Bottle and Wooden Appel *V* Copyright ©Vhilo

Law Of Life 2016 Mix Media Size 34x34cm Copyright ©Vhilo

Emergency Mix Media 2016 Size 18x29cm Copyright ©Vhilo

If you are interested in my art and want to purchase some of my artworks.
Contact me,for info and price,artworks here 2016 is available,except works markd with *V* under the titel.